Sunday, November 23, 2008


As some of my friends know, I've really enjoyed learning to spin at my gym. For one hour out of my day, I'm completely numb to the outside world and all I can focus on is getting over the next climb or sprinting my legs off. After 1 hour of non-stop exercise you would expect to be so completely drained and tired, but instead I feel alive and refreshed. Since I've been spinning for about 3 months now, I've really started having strong desires to take my biking outside. And since I have someone who is an expert at cycling, I used him to my advantage. I've been wanting a pair of biking shoes to use at my class and eventually have for when I purchase a road bike. So Brad helped me pick out some cute girly biking shoes at his store. My first purchase: A pair of Specialized Motodiva Mountain-Bike Shoes. 

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