Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grill Baby Grill

After much debate and shopping around, just waiting for the perfect fit, we found and bought our first grill. After all, our lonely downtown facing patio was in need of something to fill the space. Although our trusty grill plate for the gas stove has provided us with some delicious grilled meats and vegetables, the lure of outdoor cooking has been on Brad's mind since we moved into this place. So here is the birth of our grill....

First, we really didn't feel like hauling a huge, heavy box up 2 flights of stairs, so we brought up the individual pieces to the 3rd floor (where the patio is) and kept them inside. Mind you, it was 100+ degrees outside at the time we started this project, so spending as little time outside was our goal. I insisted Brad READ THE DIRECTIONS, since I know men like to forget this step!

The start. You don't notice, but I'm standing in the doorway to the the cool AC environment.

Almost done!

Like a proud parent!!

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Grace2882 said...

Oh this brought back memories. My husband went to Lowes and came back with a grill. I had told him to get a small one but do you think he listened? Nooooooooo!!!

He had our 17 year old son help him. Of course being men they did not read the instructions. This caused them to have to do it twice. Four hours later they finally got it put together. Thanks for sharing your story.

I wish my husband read instructions like yours. :)