Friday, July 10, 2009

Hi, my name is Starla, and I'm a Big Brother'aholic

I have to make a confession to all my family, friends, and anyone who is brave enough to read posts about my life....

Yes, I'm addicted to Big Brother. I try to hide my addiction by doing it in secret when I think noone is watching, and then deny that I do it when caught with my eyes glued to the TV set. And since I'm in the mood of confessing, I'll also go on to add that I frequent the Two Peas in a Bucket NSBR message board  to read the pages of posts of people who have the Big Brother live feeds. Maybe it's the excitement of watching people live their lives as if noone is watching them, maybe it's for the pure entertainment factor, maybe it's because it's summertime and there is NOTHING new on TV, but whatever the reason is.....I just can't give it up!

So let me introduce the cast of Big Brother 11. 

And now for the first "surprise" for the season: The houseguests (herein referred to as HG) are split into 4 teams based on high school cliques. We have the athletes, brains, popular, and off beat cliques. Also, they brought back Jesse (from BB 10) as the 13th HG. It should be an interesting season, and I'll seek help for my addiction after the season is over. 

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