Monday, July 28, 2008

Sneak Peak

Finally got all the photos from my trip to Aruba this month. Since I can't go through and edit everything yet, I thought I'd put a couple of pictures on here, for you viewing pleasure!

View from hotel room balcony

View during breakfast every morning. What a life to live!

Divi Divi Trees, blown crooked by years of trade winds

Beautiful beaches.

Sunsets.....need I say more.

The northern coast of Aruba, a stark contrast to the east coast where we stayed.

No swimming on the North side of the island.

Old gold mines seen on Jeep Tour.

Hundreds of stacked stones on north coast. Each stone in the stack symbolizes a wish.

California Lighthouse on the Northwest corner of island.

Natural Pool. Quite a hike to get down here, but well worth it.

Small natural bridge. The big one next to it collapsed a couple of year ago.

They smelled.....bad!

The pink building in downtown Oranjestad.

What beach vacation is complete without a toe shot?

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